Rehearsal Info

What to Expect During Rehearsals

a cartoon of a choir singing

Rehearsals begin at 6:45 pm each Thursday during the rehearsal season. It’s important to arrive on time, so that you can take advantage of warm-ups and receive updates about concert details, etc…

A typical rehearsal looks like this:

  • Physical warm-ups: a few stretches, shoulder rolls, etc, to get your body warmed up and moving
  • Mental warm-ups: listening and repeating sounds to get your brain warmed up
  • Vocal warm-ups: warm up your voice with singing exercises that get your vocal cords moving, help you stretch your range, and learn more about singing techniques
  • Practice sight-reading music, learning as you go how to read music or brushing off old skills.
  • Singing through the music with the piano playing your parts in the beginning, and gradually working up to playing with the accompaniment or a capella.
  • “Work shopping” parts, running through each voice part and then all the voices together to get a feel for the music.
  • As the season progresses, working on trickier parts and finessing in preparation for the concert.

Rehearsal Guidelines

  • Attendance is essential to learning the music and maintaining the group dynamic. Please let us know if you will miss a rehearsal.
  • Bring a pencil to rehearsal to mark up your music.
  • Members should have a black folder with all music at every rehearsal.
  • Please don’t use colognes, perfumes, scented soaps, sprays, sanitizers, etc. Some of our members are sensitive to them.
  • Avoid talking or singing along while the director is working with another section


As with anything, it does take $ to keep a choir such as this functiong and able to positively impact ourselves as well as our community. As such, we have membership
dues in place to help us in paying for our staff, venue, music, insurance, etc.

Dues are $100 per semester/$200 per year. You can either pay for the year in full, or per semester.

*If there are any financial hurdles, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a board member or the director!

COVID Mitigation

We will be keeping our eye on area case numbers and reassessing as we go.

Full vaccination per CDC guidelines and wearing of masks is required for participation until further notice.